Crom Dubh


The father of the Fir Bolg is a terrible, broken creature. Dirt-brown skin, a mouth full of rotten, jagged teeth and black rheumy eyes sunk into a skull made of jagged protrusions, he looks like a tremendously tall, humpbacked old man. Of course, this belies the truly deadly strength and horror that is the Crook’d One, Crom Dubh.


In ancient days, Crom Dubh created the Fir Bolg by mixing his blood with the soil of the earth. He rolled the resultant mud into little balls and baked them in the fires under the earth until they cracked open like eggs. Thus, the first of the Fir Bolg was hatched. The Fir Bolg have always regarded their “little bent father” with respect and fondness, even though they no longer serve him.

Unfortunately, Crom Dubh does not see it the same way. He hates that they turned from worshiping him to the fair Tuatha, but he does not blame his wayward children. To him, they are simply creatures — little mud-toys, in fact — and they don’t know any better. He reserves his fury for the Tuatha Dé Danaan and the aes sídhe, working against them where he may. Indeed, some legends of the aes sídhe tell that it was Crom Dubh who plucked bones of iron from his body and buried them beneath the earth, poisoning all earthly iron against the aes sídhe

Crom Dubh

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