Crazy Eddie

The crazy mortal "expert" on the Moth Man


Crazy Eddie is a mortal, he has some fringe history and local knowledge but generally he is crazy but harmless.

Eddie moved to the Pleasant Point area a few years ago, he is known by the locals but generally gone a lot chasing his crazy “monster men.”

Eddie co-owns several of the Mothman themed business around town and the gods have given him pictures, some real, some fake as a bribe to support the Scion band.


Crazy Eddie is a cryptozoologist, and biologist by training. Eddie had some reputable names backing him at one point. However, after he joined a Greenpeace and joined them in a protest of logging in the Washington National Forest he changed.

While freezing among the trees of the Olympic National Park. He claims to have seen the mythical creature Big Foot. While he was standing near a tree revealing himself there was a sudden crash and the sound trees being broken. From out of the forest a large creature cover in coarse fur and a greenish something stalked with power steps. The creature came so close to him he could have reached out and touch it. It walked past him smelling of Sulfur, muttering under it’s breath in a strange tongue as it past his camp site and disappeared deeper in to the forest. Naturally he was the only one to see hear or do anything related to the moment.

The truth is a little simpler than magical creature. The Creature was Ares who had been caught by Hephaestus with his wife… again. The Vulcan god shoved him out of his realm into a volcano just happened to be Mount St. Helens which capitulated northward into the trees of the Olympic National Park. Covered in Cooling lava and crashing through multiple trees Ares would have been quite the sight. The strange tongue would have been proto-Greek that Ares is known to swear in.

Crazy Eddie

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