Guardian of the Gates of Hades


Cerberus is a three-headed brute. Each jaw is large enough to swallow a man’s upper torso. At the base of the hound’s neck is a swirling mass of snakes, some grown from the creature’s torso others that have become part of the mass by happenstance.


After the Titans were first imprisoned, not all of their monstrous agents were destroyed or exiled —some were put to work. For example, Cerberus, the massive three-headed hound, was enchanted to serve Hades and bound to the entrance of his kingdom to prevent the living from entering and interacting with the dead. The great beast remained there for centuries, save for a brief excursion to the World as part of one of Heracles’ legendary labors. Then, the Titans broke free, and Cerberus was unleashed.

Although Cerberus is a titanspawn (and an incredibly dangerous one to boot) he does not actively seek out Scions as other titanspawn do, though he will readily fight one who attacks or startles him. Yet, despite his heritage, he is (relatively speaking) a good and loyal pet to Hades. A Scion of Hades might be able to control him, and any Scion who can bind him with a chain forged by Hephaestus (or a similar master of the forge) can lead him back to Hades’ realm, and thereby earn a mighty reward from the Death God. Cerberus will never serve as a Birthright Creature.

Cerberus is fed a steady diet of gem stones and heavy metals.


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