Frank the Br'er Rabbit

Not the real Br'er Rabbit but one of his many spawn. Doomsday Rabbit


Associated Powers:
Epic Dexterity, Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Animal (Rabbit), Chaos, Industry, Cheval
Awareness, Science, Investigation, Larceny, Stealth, Survival

Guide: ‚óŹ

Limited support guide, Frank is kind of at a loss at the moment – he should be, by all rights, dead. Instead he is now stuck with a Scion who is overly attached to him.


Bryan Frank was born somewhere in New England, where he realized he was growing apart from his peers and siblings; mostly because he could swear in several languages.

Frank was (until contact with a young Scion band) a loan shark who harvested organs for payment on his credits. While his contact with the band was violent, it ended with a young scion falling in love with him.

Frank the Br'er Rabbit

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