Deputy Director School

The LISP Veteran

LISP Quartermaster Request
Agent: School
Request: Anti-Manifestation Modern Blunderbuss, 3 Grade Four Dispell Explosives.
Additional: Also tell the kids I said Hi, Agent Shop. We should organize another camp out.

Agent School was a normal mortal before becoming a LISP Agent. His life was forever changed when he tried to arrest the Scion known to Lisp as Smoker’s Shadow. School was young and inexperience beat cop at the time of this incident being young and relatively not into his own at the time of his death his transition into Agent was easier then most.

Logos recruits all its Agents from Mortals that have been killed or destroyed by Scions. Scions have no fate lines when they are born, part of the reason the gods are so willing to use them in the mortal world and throw them into mortal danger. The unfortunate side effect is that all mortals’ lives are changed simply by being in a Scion presence. Logos, and more to the point LISP, intercept these mortals and salvage what remains of them after their brief encounters and transmutes them into their Agents. Understandably, not every agent salvaged in such a fashion is fit for normal human interactions.

School despite his carefree attitude and loose management style, School is a model agent. School was paired with Class as Class’s experience and by the book made up for School’s loose and lucky style. Additionally School is a better Manager for operations requiring Multiple Agents. Class and School have been working together for years.

School requested Mortal World Identity (MWI) creation once he managed to to earn Hat level status. It was granted. Has been living in a Maryland Suburb outside of Fort George G. Meade with a family he created in the years following his MWI. School has married and has two children. Neither child shows signs of manifestations, Class conducted the test himself. Wife things School works for the NSA, BIG Head deemed this a good idea, and create a LISP office inside the NSA headquarters building.

School is big fan of MMA and Professional Fighting in General. School requested the assignment for his team as he is a big fan of Pappa Squid, Durjaya “Van” Vanishika, who he has seen in several fights.

Current assignment is to end Class’s rouge statues either with capture or with termination.

Deputy Director School

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