The Immortal Game

Scion: Architeuthisphilla and Rabbit Lovers

Zeus invented rape culture.

Well I couldn’t fix the boat, I couldn’t convince the dwarves and I couldn’t hit the Kraken. You only have yourself to blame.

“You feel your heart go a flutter.” “Because it’s being eaten by Maggots?” “Maggots of love!”

That is the one reason I didn’t take magic, it does things like that.

Hey I have cobra reflexes and trick shot! (Fails a fate roll and still doesn’t get it’s a bad thing.)

In hindsight, we shouldn’t have been surprised by it being a rabbit.

You are now Frank the Br’r Rabbit, Doomsday rabbit.

I keep trying to get cool shit and everyone else is getting it.

Wait, did we leave the oven on?

You left him in the trunk, where he soiled himself!

The waffles are in my future damn it.

You left it at the professor’s house, in the ghillie suit.

He must be trust worthy he sounds like you and looks like a green Wookie, what could go wrong.

“You can just put that on the insurance claim!” “What’s Insurance?”


NicMuehlenweg NicMuehlenweg

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