The Immortal Game

Opening Pawn Gambit

Run Rabbit, Run.

Some would argue that the worse part of any game is the opening move. Your opponent, even if they are an old one, never starts the same way twice. If you are going first, they make their first move with more knowledge than you had when you moved. Such is the way with opening gambits.
Sara has made the opening move. The young goddess is new to the game. However, can she truly play the game when she rejects it?
Three Scions move forward from the safety of their ranks , will they make it to the end of the board? Or will they, like so many more, perish? Sacrifice and Heroism are inescapable themes for a young Scion. It is the cost of Immortality after all. The scions are young soldiers faithful not yet perview to the cost of the god’s game.
Young Delmar is a Scion of Raijin. A death dealer skilled in his craft of professional murder. Izanami chuckles at his grim and serious work. Though his heritage hidden by a southern sun and its strange formalities his professional seems to be unquestioning.
Ayman is an archer with a silent resolve quite. Aloof and distance time will tell what makes this scion the way he is.
Finally Durjaya Vanishika. Champion of national circuit for Mix Martial Arts. A quite fighter, new to the world of myth will he learn its secrets before his destruction.


NicMuehlenweg NicMuehlenweg

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