The Immortal Game

Lone Quack Ducks

Professor Qa’zar, not his real name but funny story, has found THE LONG LOST CITY ALANANTIS! AGAIN!

Okay so maybe the first four hundred times turned out to be a whale orgy but this TIME HE HAS TO BE RIGHT! Well tenure at the university of Rhode Island is up and he needs this not only for his name to ring gloriously out across the world of Academic, also because well he needs the money. He owes a loan shark For debts, his rabbit racing fees are up

Unfortunate no one is going to give him anything, first 250 times shame on me, fool me 150 times more Same on you. Luckily he bumped into the wrong person at a sorority party. The wandering goddess of the Maenads, Keeper of the addict last words and bearer of the silent pain that leads to addiction and self-destruction, Sarah.

See Atlantis is a myth, its made up, like the Gods. It never existed but you ask a Mystery God they look at you funny then start talking about something else. Most of the time other gods just move on there is no proof and records of the time that it was supposed to exist are kind of blank about it. Which is weird. Thoth likely the most anal about keeping records or making really dry epic entries has nothing. Absolutely nothing on Atlantis not even that mortal starting talking about it. Which given Thoth’s big book that contains life, the universe and all manner of things that could be the question that is the answer 42, rather strange.

Sarah thinks it’s strange, it might be nothing, or it could be something else. The gods are losing the war and everyone is too noble to admit it. One of the reason Sarah isn’t fighting the war instead she spends her time on the mortal plane to ease the pain of those that can’t be saved because either the gods are neglected morals or they are collaterals in war they will never know.

Sarah is lonely too. Her Friends are either dead, missing or fighting the war in their own terms. Evander’s hill is a death mound to any would be king. Yuri chases shadows for his missing sister. Kate vanished into the night hunting something, and no one knows if she is still alive. Walla Walla never made it to the land of gods so his fate is unknown. Clay Dent is lost in time. Only recently has it become known that Lucas was murdered when Korea has united.

So an adventure quest sounds like a good idea. Only she can’t leave her duties, too many to help and too little time help them. Instead she decides she could organize the quest.

So when Sarah showed at the gate of Olympus her Pappi welcomes her and listens and then helps. Together they piece together the missing pieces of the puzzles get other gods involved and soon everyone is wondering why Atlantis is a rumor and a punch line for mortals but not for the gods. Many of the gods think it’s the secret piece of the Titans’ war machines others believe it is, others it is a secret weapon they built and swore to forget about till the terrible day they used, other that it is a myth and other that the gods together destroyed it so completely for some reason so they would never have to talk about it ever again. Whatever the case the Gods need to find Atlantis.

They need to do so quietly, so the titan forces don’t notice, the best option for that is a group of Scions just awakened and ready to be played in the great game. After all the pieces that move are the only pieces worth anything.


NicMuehlenweg NicMuehlenweg

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