The Immortal Game

LIS Long Range Recording Transcript

Subject: Barfly on the back porch stairs, smoking some type of large roll of plants; all agents to far away to smell, (reminder to bring dogs next time, the non-telepathic kind.)

Toni, I don’t know if you hear these any more, or if you just ignore them but… I miss you. I miss everyone, but you know… Fuck.

So about a moon ago, I met this guy, not like that so don’t worry. The guy was a professor, creepy and creepy crazy to boot. He had this theory about Atlantis and how it all ties into Lovecraft, everything up here does, and how he knew where it was maybe. I thought it was silly, so I did that thing, you know that thing where I look. I saw something. Kind of shadows, it was foggy like someone had used turpentine on a painting but forgot to bleach the canvas. I don’t know what so I went to Olympus…

You should have seen everyone’s face, Sara what are you doing here. I almost laughed in their faces. I talked to my dad about what I saw. My dad didn’t know but he knew Thoth would know, so we look it up in that big book, and guess what, Atlantis doesn’t exist. Not like it is a rumor and nothing more, not in it’s only a story. There is nothing about Atlantis, not even mentions of it in the book of everything. Some gods didn’t even understand what I was asking about. Hell even that crazy cat lady thought we were crazy when we told her the story mortals tell. The only explanation is someone must have deleted the knowledge from the very gods. Only they did their work too well…

Remember how I said I missed everyone, I thought I would find something new. So I hatched a plan, use some newbie Scions, how do we find the time right? With them I could find Atlantis without anyone ever knowing I was looking for it, but they are just like us. Explosion and insanity, good times, but we kind of killed the professor and the kids don’t understand the problem picking a fight with the Titans will bring…

I miss you… I know… I know I what I said but I was angry, and I liked Jack so… Listen if we ever meet again, let’s talk, like really talk.

If you see Kate, tell her I miss her too.

:: Door opening ::

New Voice: Hey, Sara those people are back.

Sara: Yea, okay… Let me put this out.

:: Barfly inhales from the roll of plants, stubs out the flame, exhales and enters the location. ::


NicMuehlenweg NicMuehlenweg

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