The Immortal Game

Last two sessions? Meh...

Its all the fun of getting beaten severely without having to pay someone.

What have you been failing? Life?

I have perfect memory. I can check with the GM if I don’t.

Which Nemisis, I need to keep the list up to date.

Where the hell did he get a spot light in New York? Its New York.

I can do drunk Donny’s adventures all night.

It not my fault, intentionally.

I order pizza for the president.

We live in New Mexico don’t look at me.


I get the sense I am rather responsible for a fair amount of derailing, and for that I apologize.

Last two sessions? Meh...

Meh… The game has been in transition for the last two weeks, kind of. Hopefully I can get to a point where we are less open sandbox and more complete this goal using this sandbox.

Last two sessions? Meh...

I feel like I may have had something to do with the mayhem in New York. Not sure though.

Last two sessions? Meh...

Possibly not your fault, intentionally.

Last two sessions? Meh...
NicMuehlenweg GKaiser13

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