The Immortal Game

Best laid plan of Mice and Scion

Yes, I botched...

I mean how much does a guy have to stroke it before he gets it to come?

Hey, I know how to drive… The truck taught me how.

“Hey, to be fair my character didn’t finish High School.” “Neither did his, and he still has four levels of EPIC Intelligence.”

Maybe you could read him.

I take my ice cream.

“Hey you’re a pretty lady…” “I just leave at this point.”

So… Does he need you to sneak in and then call the secretary?

Are you asking this out of character?

“-2 Dice penalty” “Why?” “You were in Sara’s Hot box.” “Fair enough.”

Does the cloud of smoke help me find it?

Have you tried talking to it yet?

It was more of the look of “I should have seen that coming, why didn’t I?”

Oh fuck it, it was a rental anyway.


NicMuehlenweg NicMuehlenweg

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